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BAMBOU ROGER KWONG is a clothing and lifestyle brand guided by a sustainable ethos and a timeless sense of style, founded in Paris in 2022. Collections are crafted locally using rolls of excess fabric sourced from high-fashion labels, reinvented by Roger-Kwong to create tactile, quality pieces of design made to last. The resulting garments are unique and limited to fabric stock and trimmings that would otherwise be discarded. 

Each collection takes an intuitive approach to design informed by traditional crafts and sculpture, and is based not on the seasons but on themes – from formal tailoring to pyjamas, pottery to jewellery. Handmade at a small-scale atelier in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, BAMBOU ROGER KWONG is rooted in an understanding of well-made details and carefully structured proportion, while one-of-a-kind objects extend the interconnected stories behind the label. 

Born in Paris to a Chinese mother and French father, Roger-Kwong’s own mixed heritage is reflected in the delicate yet precise sensibility of her designs. With BAMBOU ROGER KWONG, she introduces her unique worldview and curiosity, offering a perspective shaped as much by history as it is by the here and now.

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